Silverstick Our Vision

wherever you adventure, leave only footprints

The outdoors is one big playground to be enjoyed. Whether you are learning to surf in summer, taking a winter trip to the mountains or are a keen cyclist who rides their local trails every week.

Wherever you are exploring, see the outdoors differently. Your nearest footpath is the start of your weekly cycling or hiking route. The ocean is as perfect in winter as in summer. Your tent is always the best accommodation in the town. Get outside and embrace the endless possibilities of adventure all year round.

As lovers of the outdoors we cannot take our playgrounds for granted. Outdoor people need to be acutely aware of the environmental issues the oceans, forests, rivers and mountains are facing.

The planet is losing 46-58,000 square miles of forests a year. Pollution can include anything from unseen toxic chemicals being released into our waterways, to the many discarded objects you find when walking on the beach. Global temperatures are rising and there are unprecedented levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Our planet can feel like a big place where it is hard to make a difference. But outdoor people need to be at the forefront of the small lifestyle changes needed to protect it. This can be as simple as taking two minutes to pick up some litter when you visit the beach. Using reusable rather than single use water bottles. Buying higher quality clothing that doesn’t need replacing as often or choosing organic cotton over conventional.

That's why Silverstick creates high quality, eco-conscious clothing for outdoor people. Wherever you adventure, leave only footprints.

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